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A) You would not get exactly the same Female that you cherished During this globe, because she's married to another person. However , you could inquire Allah Ta`ala another hour (jannati female) that ressemble precisely the 1 Allah made With this planet and which you cherished her.

Q) Could it be correct which the Prophet SAW has promised the one particular who reads surah Al-Mulk prior to sleeping, will be saved with the punishment of your grave?

A) Indeed. The Qu'ran says that both of these prophets ended up taken for the skies. The holy prophet Noticed did fulfill both of these prophets in the course of mi`raj. As for Isa a.s. we realize that he will arrive at earth to perform some prophetic ordains with the holy prophet SAW. 

A) Allah Ta`ala is mustawa about the arsh. We believe that Allah Ta`ala features a arsh, but we don`t know the way He's mustawa on that arsh. We the phrase mustawa indicates to be on that issue, to consider Manage or to stop at just one location. But excellent mufassireen involving sahabas and tabe`i described mustawa since the phrase we know, but we disregard how Allah Ta`ala is mustawa on arsh and however we must always have confidence in the phrases that Allah Ta`ala is mustawa on arsh. We should believe in that term without figuring out precisely what it means, like Alif Laam Meem. To claim that Allah sits with a throne like a human is often a blatant mistake mainly because Allah doesn't ressemble human.

Q) A person explained to me that we must be cautious when executing sure wazifas, what does that suggest? is there any danger? A) Each individual wazifah incorporate a particular effect to the reader. It is not advisable As an example to carry on the air-conditioned even whether it is now cold within.

Q) Ki ete sijjeen? A) Selon tafseer, li sa put ki finne ecrire banne actions de banne mauvais dimounes et banne kafirs. Et li aussi sa spot kot banne ames de banne mauvais aller. Li trouve enbas 7 la terre dans ene position bien faire peur et penible.

Q) Eski soeurs/freres depi meme papa mais pas meme mama reconnaitre devant Allah? A) Oui. Appelle zote Allati. Et zote ena element dans heritage de coter Papa et aussi zote capave herite freres sœurs selon certaine.

Q) Who are the kajiani? what are their beliefs? A) Kajiany think that a man named Mirza came in India and so they claim that he was a prophet. This belief and others introduced them out of Islam.

In truth we absence Mu`asharat in all over the planet. That is definitely why, we are struggling from our down slide and oppressions. But on the other hand, Now we have hope that every one of these suffering is contributing with the upliftment and strengthening of muslims throughout the world.

Q) If a person will not take away armpit and pubic hair for a lot more than 40 times for personal explanation, will he / she commit a sin? which is it genuine that her or his prayers/namaz will be invalid for having armpit and pubic hair for in excess of forty days?

Q) I'm using a excellent debate with my friends about regardless of whether Shab e Baraat need to be 'celebrated' and even more importantly, irrespective of whether 'Halwa' must be cooked or not ! What is actually your standpoint On this issue? A) Do go through our write-up on the subject on the internet.

Q) Ki sa veut dire Soubhanallah? A) Veut dire ki Allah Ta`ala pena auquene defection, pena auquene manquement. Li Pure de tous banne defaut. Dimoune ena defaut : li pas ti la hier, li pou la dans a hundred ans et so les dents ki li ena bientôt pou tomber. Allah Ta`ala ti la depuis tous les temps et li pou rester pou l`eterniter et li pas affaibli dans auquene facon.

Q) Can it be genuine that if an individual memorises the primary ten verses of surah kahf is going to be protected from dajjal? A) Certainly.

A) En bref, le Qiblah est le centre géométrique de la spiritualité et de respect. Au fait l`Islam nous enseigne le respect de la way du qiblah en toute position de notre vie ou après la mort. Le saint prophète Observed a dit lorsqu`il était a Madinah : ‘’Lorsque vous partez au toilettes, ne faites pas les toilettes en faisant facial area vers le qiblah ou même ne lui tournez pas le dos. Mais plutôt tournez vous vers l`ouest ou l`est.’’(Bukhari) A noté que la course du additional resources qiblah à Madinah est vers le sud.

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